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Brennan Falcy, B.S.

While pursuing my undergraduate degree in neuroscience at UCLA, I had initially planned on attending medical school. To better understand how basic science paves the way for modern medicine, I decided to join the lab of Paul Micevych, where I studied the role of hypothalamic astrocytes in facilitating female reproduction. It was during this time that I found my passion for the scientific process and, upon graduating in 2018, I spent two years as a research assistant in the Micevych lab where I continued to refine my skills. I ultimately decided that research, rather than clinical medicine, better suited my interests, so I decided to apply to graduate school. In looking for a lab and mentor, I sought investigators whose work was dynamic and innovative, with room to incorporate my own interests into the questions they were asking. I found these qualities in Dr. Karatsoreos, whose multifaceted scientific interests posed the prospect of an exciting and varied graduate career. In 2020 I joined the Karatsoreos team and entered the Neuroscience and Behavior program at UMass Amherst. In the coming years I hope to continue my work on astrocytes, this time through the lens of cellular metabolism and circadian rhythms.


In my free time, I enjoy camping and practicing my French and Spanish. I also value mentorship and, as a transfer student myself, I especially seek ways to mentor and foster confidence in undergraduate transfer students.

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